The Geelong Boat House

Address: Western Forshore Road, Geelong 3220.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (lunch & dinner)

2012-12-09-458Fish N chips shop on a barge.

Newsflash: There’s a new floating fish N chips shop in Geelong Waterfront that doesn’t cost you a bomb. Hooray!

The newly open place is called “The Geelong Boat House” and it’s located to the west of Cunningham Pier. So far, we haven’t had any good experience with fish N chips in Geelong as either they are soaked in oil or they taste funny and horrible as they use frozen fish. There are better ones served in the restaurants up at the Waterfront but the price is quite hefty for casual consumptions. So, this new chill out place is more than welcome.

2012-12-09-455Managed to get a shot of the inside when the crowd has dispersed.

Mr. D and I went there for our lunch last Sunday and the place was really busy and crowded with customers waiting to order and collect their food. Seems like I’m not the only one who’s eager to check out this new place. 😛 This place have only outdoor seating with one function room which is not open to public. There are around 4 square wooden tables with chairs on the first level and more seating on the top. And, if you don’t feel like eating your fish N chips on a table, you can enjoy it the picnic style. You can grab a large rug from a large wooden box outside the shop and lay it on the nearby green grass and munch away while admiring the beautiful waves. Beware of the seagulls lurking around waiting for the right opportunity to steal your chips away!

2012-12-09-456Chips overload.

We ordered 2 flakes, 2 scallops and 2 calamari rings with chips. But, they ran out of calamari rings and they had to replace them with calamari pieces. After keying our order, we were given a number. After about 10-15 min, our number were called and we were given our food in a box. The fish, scallops and calamari are really fresh. The fish was soft and flaky and its exterior was crispy. The scallop was juicy and perfectly cooked. Mr. D adores the calamari pieces. The calamari was so tender and it was encrusted with a thin layer of breadcrumbs that gives it the crunchy texture as you bite into it. Overall, it was one of the nicer fish N chips we have in Geelong and it is decently priced. This place is definitely worth coming back.


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