Elkhorn Roadhouse

Address: 420a Wallington Road, Wallington, VIC 3221, Australia.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (8am – 5pm)


Elkhorn Roadhouse is situated in an idyllic countryside called Wallington, which is about 30 min drive away from Geelong. I usually drive to the cafe via Barwon Heads to savor the beautiful scenery along the way. You also can watch horses,  herds of cows, and flocks of sheep grazing or lounging in the fields. On our recent visit to Elkhorn Roadhouse, we were fortunate to spot 4 fashionable little ponies, each with different stylish mane on our drive back to Geelong. Unfortunately, we did not manage to capture a snapshot of them. Anyways,  if you’re stressed-out and looking for a short escape, driving down to Wallington might be a good remedy.

As the name of the cafe suggests, the whole place is decorated with elk-themed paintings and wall-mounted head. This cafe is cozy and inviting. The waitresses here are super friendly and they are not stingy with their smiles at all. They serve breakfast from 8am-11.45am and lunch from 12pm-3pm. I’ve tried their lunch on our previous visit and they were scrumptious, extremely fresh, and well-cooked too.

IMG_6465The cafe is nicely decorated with elk-themed decor.

IMG_6476More wall-mounted elk head decors.

IMG_6458Friendly bunch of people.

2012-08-25-292Couldn’t remember the name of this dish but I think it’s something along the line of spring chicken with rice and herbs. Tender and juicy fall off the bones chicken.

2012-08-25-291Steak sandwich with drysdale goat’s cheese, tomatoes and lettuce served with mayo and sweet potato crisp. The crispy and wafer thin sweet potato pieces are to die for.

After our last visit, I’ve been wanting to try their breakfast. So, this time we departed from Geelong earlier to be in time for their breakfast. It was HOT on that day with mercury reaching around 38 °C, fortunately the cafe is quite cooling with gentle breeze blowing through the window next to our table. Mr. D is totally in love with the coffee here. The nice aroma and robustness of the coffee are so irresistible that Mr. D drank 2 cups during his last visit here. Considering the heat outside, this time both of us decided to try their iced coffee to cool ourselves down. Usually, I do not like to order iced coffee as it tends to be quite diluted due to the excessive ice or it tastes overly sweet (although I have a sweet tooth, I still prefer to drink my coffee sugarless or with little sugar). Fortunately, the iced coffee we ordered tasted exceptionally good. Just right for my taste buds! The addition of vanilla ice-cream instead of ice into the coffee was a nice touch. It gave the coffee a creamier texture, provided the right amount of sweetness and above all, I could taste the strong coffee flavor.

IMG_6469Iced coffee.

For breakfast, I ordered the decadent french toast while Mr. D ordered bacon and eggs sandwich. I was happy to see how pretty the french toast looked when they placed it in front of me and I was overjoyed when its taste matched its appearance. The brioche from Noisette bakery is pillowy soft , it smells wonderful. And, you could never go wrong with the combination of Belgium chocolate, berry compote and vanilla ice-cream. Indulgently yummy! 😉 By the way, Noisette bakery is a famous french-style bakery in Port Melbourne and they have a great selection of savory and sweet baked goods. I have to make a visit there one day to try out their cakes and croissants.

IMG_6470French toast – Noisette brioche filled with Belgium chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream and berry compote.

ElkhornEB Sandwich- Moriac free range eggs and Istra bacon with house made tomato chutney on Noisette Turkish bread.

Mr. D liked his sandwich as well. Eggs were perfectly cooked with soft and gooey yolk,  just the way Mr. D likes them. Istra is famous for their good quality cured meat and therefore it’s no surprise that the bacon tasted super delicious. The house made tomato chutney was oh so appetizing, well-balanced, and with just the right tanginess. The food here may look simple to some but the taste is exquisite as Elkhorn Roadhouse not only uses top-notch ingredients, they also execute them well. Sometimes less is more.


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