Om Nom Dessert Bar

Address: 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

Opening hours: Breakfast: Daily (7am-12pm), Dinner & Desserts: Mon-Sat (6pm-12am)

It was a Saturday and the four of us (Mr. D, KS, Goon & myself) decided to visit the DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition that was held at ACMI in Federation Square. I came to know this place through KS over brunch. He casually told me that he heard and read that there is a new dessert place at Flinders Lane. I then asked what is the name of the place so that I can have a look at the menu. This is what I usually do whenever someone tell me about a new place that I should try out. I will  type the restaurant name in the Google search bar immediately and check out the restaurant menu. If the items on the menu sounds interesting and pique my interest to taste them, I will add them to my “To Eat” list. It is no wonder why my list is ever growing. I don’t think I could completely tick off all of the listed restaurants by this year without leaving a BIG hole in my wallet. 😦

Anyways, back to my review. After reviewing Om Nom’s menu, I was very much adamant that I have to try it out. Mr. D and I had an early dinner that day and I decided to try my luck on getting a table at the dessert bar at 6.00pm. I gave them a call and we were fortunate to get a table. KS & Goon did not join us as they already had dinner appointment with their friends.

20140426_183344 Banana Flambé

We quickly made our way to the bar and were greeted by their friendly staff. We were seated at our table and the waiter gave us the menu. While Mr. D was feeling indecisive on which dessert he should order, I knew what I want straight away. I opted for the three course dessert degustation. Finally, Mr. D decided on the banana flambé. The banana flambé consists of rum, cinnamon, rosemary, chocolate sponge, vanilla and caramelized white chocolate ice cream. Mr. D who does not fancy white chocolate thought that the caramelized white chocolate ice cream was sensational. The only criticism that Mr. D had was the banana was not caramelized enough. But that was because I did not leave the flame long enough. I was impatient and blew it off a tad too soon. 😛   

Dessert 1Raspberry Field

My first course was the raspberry field which looked absolutely beautiful! On the plate, there were raspberry and lychee sorbet, raspberry and rosewater panna cotta, lychee and rosewater spheres, and  meringue. The different components matches so well with one another, producing a dessert that is packed with fruity goodness and texture. When I bit into the spheres, the burst of the intense lychee and rosewater liquid in my mouth left me feeling uplifted. I wished there were more of the spheres. The meringue is perfectly baked, crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle.

20140426_184639Pineapple Verrine

My next course was the pineapple verrine which was made up of layers of cardamon and star anise poached pineapples, red pepper jelly, rum soaked strawberries, vanilla cremeux, coconut and lemongrass foam. I especially enjoyed the rum soaked strawberries. My last course was the basil garden. This had a very peculiar combination of of flavors. The different elements are vanilla, olive oil and honey ice cream, lime, basil and white chocolate cremeux, white chocolate sauce, and chocolate soil. Because I was so used to having basil with savory dishes, I could not wrap my head around the idea of having it in dessert. In fact, I was quite skeptical about the taste. Much to my surprise. I was wrong. The basil complements the ice-cream and sauce perfectly. The tempered chocolate vase was shiny, firm and snaps nicely when I tapped it with my spoon.

20140426_190347Basil Garden

Aside from the dessert, they have a good selection of cocktails and drinks as well. I ordered Smoky Daiquiri and Flossie while Mr. D had the Clydesdale. The flavor of the cocktails are to my liking. The daiquiri is strong with a little tinge of sourness while Flossie is very refreshing and fun.

20140426_183505Smoky Daiquiri


20140426_192203The Clydesdale

This bar is definitely my new favorite place and it will be my go to bar if I am sad/happy/angry. All these mouth-watering dessert will definitely cheer me up in no time. 😀

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