The Cottage

Address: 359 Pakington Street, Newtown VIC 3220, Australia.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun (breakfast & lunch)

Mr. D and I are always on the look out for places with nice brekkie. Yesterday, we decided to try out The Cottage cafe in Pakington Street since they have waffles for breakfast. Most of the breakfast places here usually have pancakes and crepes in their menu but not many of them serve waffles for breakfast. I wonder why. I read that this place is very happening and popular among the locals but the place was pretty quiet and peaceful yesterday which was kind of nice. Must be due to the holiday season with everyone crowding the malls in the city to grab last minute Christmas presents.

2012-12-22-486It’s a pretty quiet day.

2012-12-22-491Hot chocolate with marshmallow.

2012-12-22-495Bacon and eggs on toasted sourdough with extra mushrooms.

WaffleWaffles served with caramel sauce, caramelized bananas and vanilla beans yogurt.

Mr. D ordered his usual cappuccino and I tried their hot chocolate. Mr. D did not like the coffee, too weak with too much milk. Meanwhile, the hot chocolate was alright, nothing to complain about. Mr. D wanted something savorish so he chose the bacon and eggs while I opted for the waffles. Mr. D was pretty satisfied with his meal, saying that they were exactly what he wanted but I wasn’t too happy with mine. I was rather disappointed actually. 😦 The waffles and the caramel sauce were not too bad. The problem with this dish was the unripe bananas. The bananas were tasteless and they left an unpleasant and dry feeling in my mouth. This could have been a good meal if ripe bananas were used instead and they should have been more generous with the caramel sauce given that the two square waffles are quite large.

So the question is, will we be visiting the cafe again? Yes, considering that there are some interesting items on their menu and I’m curious to find out how they taste. But, I won’t be ordering their waffles anytime soon.

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